Our Liquid Metal Process

At Lignvm, we take great pride in our ability to transform ordinary surfaces into works of art. Our finishes are more than just a simple coating of metal; they are a seamless veneer that is solid, organic, and truly alive.
Our skilled artisans carefully apply liquid metal to surfaces, expertly moulding and shaping it to create a smooth and continuous finish. The result is a stunning visual effect that gives the impression of a solid piece of metal that is seamlessly integrated into the surface.
Our finishes are more than just visually striking, they are organic and living works of art. Over time, the metal will continue to evolve and develop, acquiring a natural patina that adds depth and character to the finish. This process creates a truly unique finish that is impossible to replicate, ensuring that your surface will always be one-of-a-kind.

Large Range of Applications

The range of applications for this product is almost without limitation. The most typical applications include architectural decoration, interior and exterior designs, furniture & fittings, medical, art and sculptural, casting, facades and cladding, exhibitions, mirrors, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, antimicrobial coatings, and sacrificial coatings.
brass and white marble gold veins

Handmade Metal Finishes

Our metal finishes are applied by hand; therefore, the completed surface cannot be entirely uniform and may have an irregular finish. These small irregularities enhance the metals authentic appearance and give depth and feel to the overall effect. LIGNVM metals are decorative and are not to be confused with solid metals of the type generally used for construction purposes. Architects and designers have found it cost-effective to specify the use of cheaper substrates coated with our patented noble metals to give the finished project the high-value effect desired.

Fire Rating Tests

Tests have been conducted by Virgin Atlantic covering the simultaneous determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release, smoke release, ignitability spread of flame and heat evolved smoke development. All the above tests have been passed. We use an IMO approved binder. Certificates are available on request.

Weathering Tests

Our metals have undergone tests conducted by Richhold Polymers. These accelerated weathering tests of 7800 hours are equivalent to 25 years. Under cyclic heat, rain, and humidity no form of film degradation is apparent for any of the systems and shows no film breakdown except for slight surface oxidisation that would be normally found in solid metals. The surface oxidisation can easily be removed with a light scouring with steel wool.
luxury apartment deep red copper wall

Bespoke Metal Finishes

If you would like to know more about our liquid metal process and how we can work with you both now and on future projects then please get in touch. We would be delighted to talk you through how we can help make you stand out with your surface finishing options.